Two Teachers #SameSunStudios #musicteacher  I had a band teacher in grade 12. A lot of the other students really liked him.  For me he wasn’t a good teacher. At 17, I didn’t really know what a good teacher was. All I knew was that although I was crazy about playing guitar and making music, but I couldn’t perform for this man. Read more about Two Teachers #SameSunStudios #musicteacher[…]

Stage Fright (All You Need is Love)

What’s the opposite of Love? Most people when asked say hate. Here’s a story that explains why I think it’s fear… I had been struggling with a condition in my hands called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Sometimes my hands would be tingly or numb, sometimes they would feel stiff. I was having difficulty playing demanding passages. Read more about Stage Fright (All You Need is Love)[…]