Stage Fright (All You Need is Love)


What’s the opposite of Love?
Most people when asked say hate.
Here’s a story that explains why I think it’s fear…

I had been struggling with a condition in my hands called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Sometimes my hands would be tingly or numb, sometimes they would feel stiff. I was having difficulty playing demanding passages. But the real trouble was that this was affecting my confidence and self esteem.

I was in Vancouver hanging out backstage getting ready to play a concert with Steve McPherson. Steve spoke to us five minutes before going on and said “Guys, tonight I want you to love your audience.”
I don’t remember anything else that he said that night but I remember the effect it had on me. A light came on. “If I am loving my audience then my eyes are off of me and my stiff, numb hands, and on the audience instead. If it’s not about me but about something or someone bigger, then I am free from the insecurities or self esteem issues that may come with whatever ‘it’ is.”

In March of 2005 a friend asked me to come to an event at a coffee house in White Rock where he was playing guitar for another artist. When I arrived I was surrounded by teens and 20 somethings. I had just turned 40 a few weeks earlier and was feeling a little out of place. As I was considering discreetly leaving I heard a voice…”I want you to love these people.”

I thought, “I can do that.”

As soon as that was said I felt the fear leave the place and began to interact with others and have real conversations. It was simply an attitude shift.

What’s the opposite of Fear? Love.

Here’s a song about that.

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