April 10, 2016

Lessons: Same Sun Studios


I’m glad you’ve chosen to take some of my training to learn how to play guitar or to get more proficient in what you already know!

I offer:

  1. Video on Demand Classesget individual classes – click here 
  2. Skype classesmore info and book here 
  3. Face to Face (private in person classes) – [ more info and book here ] 
  4. Masterclasses / Clinics / Workshops[ more info and book here ] 
  5. Online Membership Site for you to get the whole enchilada! This is monthly or yearly membership (coming soon)

I’ve found in my professional career that it is important to practice, practice, practice the right stuff to strengthen and get a deeper knowledge of how to play guitar. This is ‘wood-shedding’ that leads to your artistry to become it’s best! Whether you are playing solo, with a band stage or studio, you will benefit from this training and if you take it seriously, you will see great results!

Keep rockin’!

Mark Hildebrand